Curated by ellen.gif and Andriana Carney




Eye Candy (2016), 40cm x 30cm, Pencil on paper


As you walk through the lingerie department you brush against lace, touch gently the silky bottoms, whilst momentarily captured in your own sexual desires. You look intrepidly for the perfect ensemble to make your debut on stage.


The curtain pulls back and you step forward with confidence and poise. It only takes a few minutes and the lingerie you spent hours deciding upon is thrown into the corner. You see the edge of the lace bottoms from the corner of your eye. Why did you even bother?


Eye Candy playfully explores the idea that undergarments are seen as a barrier whereby the viewer is trying to see into the unknown enraptured by their sexual desires. The series is a surreal fantasyland oozing in playful underworlds laden with popping eyeballs and hyper-coloured torsos.














BK DIECI completed a Master of Art in Time Based Media at UNSW Art & Design in 2015. She has since exhibited at various shows including The Other Fair, Gaffa Gallery and BEAMS Festival. BK DIECI has also featured on the Right Space podcast and has been commissioned for numerous private murals, artworks and festivals.