Curated by ellen.gif and Andriana Carney


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Darlings (2016), A3, Riso-print, $60.


Darlings is a collection of drawings from pics and screenshots received and sent via snapchat, Messenger or Text on my iPhone, and other 'found' images leaked online. Drawn crudely but affectionately, Jones aims to capture the sweetness behind these exchanges.

















Park Selfie (2015), Single channel video


Somewhat informed by the provocative Blowup (1966), a film about photography, voyeurism and perception, Park Selfie is filmed between the artists own bedroom and Maryon Park, London. Interested in the tension between public and private space and reinterpreting a long tradition of nude figures in landscapes, Park Selfie addresses the presence and absence of the body in a digital image-based culture.













Brontë Jones currently makes sculptures and videos about the precarious and intimate relationships we have with personal technology and homewares. Jones studied fine art at Curtin University and is currently living and working in the UK.