Curated by ellen.gif and Andriana Carney




Dion (you only hate men because you are fat) (2017)


Polycord, Acrylic yarn, Cotton, plastic gems.


Dion (you only hate men because you are fat) (2017) is part of a larger body of work that serves as a response to a period of time spent accessing the dating app, Tinder.


The work documents those users who have chosen to be aggressive or disrespectful. Conversations and profiles are saved and portraits are made, slowly; each stitch is an act of contemplation and reflection. These works (and the process of making them) act as devices to challenge and return the gaze.




Carla Adams’s practice investigates how digital platforms and environments define both contemporary intimacy and desire between users. Her work is aligned with contemporary painting, as well as feminist sculpture and textile practices. Through this she challenges ideas of kitsch, irony and the handmade.


Adams is concerned with the personal and intimate online encounters rather than those that that occur in mass attended online spaces. The abstracted portraits she creates, reflect on her experiences of comfort and confrontation when digitally connecting to unknown men.