Curated by ellen.gif and Andriana Carney


CLANCY GIBSON (AUS) Hung out to dry (2017), Suspended ceramics, Porcelain, wood, rope, wire. Hung out to dry (2017) explores the obligation for purity, modesty and fragility within femininity. Gibson’s work utilises a visual language that borrows from an era where set paradigms dictated a dualistic existence. The ‘granny panty’ symbolises a set mode of living in femininity, noting that today this concept can still be seen. The bras and panties have been dyed in different tones of grey to express that states of purity are unrealistic. No matter how much an imperfection is attempted to be washed out, humanity cannot be refined.               ~ Clancy Gibson is currently completing her BFA at Sydney College of the Arts, predominantly a printmaker, she is interested in creating a conversation between print and sculpture. Her work is heavily impacted by the natural world, the effects of humanity, and the fluidity of existence.