Curated by ellen.gif and Andriana Carney




Self Portrait (2016), Diptych - 2 x 17” x 17” Photographic prints


How can I be what they want? On the bed, barely clothed, waiting for that first moment of eye contact. It can be a moment of blissful gratification or painful rejection, all the while underlined by an intense vulnerability, both physical and emotional.


This work seeks to explore my fraught relationship with my identity and body. Serving as an exploration of the various performed selves and manifestations of sexuality inherent in my experience as a young, gay man. These self portraits act as documentation of the anxiety that permeates sexual relationships and how this can influence ideas of oneself.




















Craig Waddell is a British photographer, currently residing in Edinburgh, Scotland. Using portraiture, he seeks to explore a sense of contemporary identity, in particular, queer narratives.