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BRATZROCKANGELZ: cam-gurl confessions & bedrrrm aesthetics (2015), Single channel video installation


BRATZROCKANGELZ: cam-gurl confessions & bedrrrm aesthetics is a video portrait of then-Instagram personality and web-cam model, bratzrockangelz.


In this portrait, bratzrockangelz reveals, on her own terms, how modelling online makes her feel and why she does it. Shot on a camcorder the video subverts the authority of both the model and web-cam, positioning the viewer within the mode of spectator and voyeur.
















Damiano Dentice (b. 1988) is an Australian-Italian, multi-disciplinary artist from Sydney, Australia. Dentice's practice focuses on digital culture, alienation and the ontology of art. Dentice is currently completing a bachelor's degree in Photography and Video, Sound & Image at UNSW Art & Design