Curated by ellen.gif and Andriana Carney




Red Riera Baixa (2015) Single channel video, book.


Red Riera Baixa (2015) was a community based project inspired by the physical narrowness of the streets in Barcelona. By linking these private terraces, Red Riera Baixa aimed to encourage public communication among the inhabitants of a neighbourhood. Since Riera Baixa is inhabited by 85% foreigners, these unique interactions drew attention to cultural experiences previously concealed.

















Daniela Medina Poch is a Colombian artist who currently lives and works in between Bogotá, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Medina Poch graduated from Fine Art at Escola Massana, UAB and Fine Art ArtEZ, Netherlands. Through the use of performance, installations and public space, her work researches human behaviour in the everyday as well as multiculturalism.


Juan Pablo Caicedo (also JP KYCTO) is a Colombian artist based in Bogotá and Barcelona, working in audiovisual installation, communitary art practices and experimental pedagogy. His work relates to topics of migration, critical urbanism, environmental and social conflicts. These topics are fed with a complex archive of images, soundscapes and writings produced and collected throughout the artist's experiences of diverse territories.