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He’s tru blue (2014), 110 x 20 x 150, bought and used object (long neck beer bottles and underpants).


Addressing male rites of passage in Australia, He’s tru blue responds to the self-constructed initiations that many young men, such as myself, feel obliged and are willing to go through.

Depicting a pinnacle point in young Australian men’s lives, the work He’s tru blue is a combination of pre and post-colonial masculine rituals associated with transitioning into adulthood and masculinity.


He’s tru blue alludes to the song chanted at 18th and 21st parties upon the sculling of alcohol, a ritualistic anthem that frames the event of initiation that this work is centred on.
















Hal Timothy Yarran (b.1994) is self-taught printmaker and sculptor whose body of work addresses masculinity situated within a postcolonial landscape. Currently situated in Sydney, Hal’s practice incorporates themes such as homo-social and heteronormative desires, masculine rituals and emotional legitimacy.