Curated by ellen.gif and Andriana Carney




Gremlin (2017), Single channel video, from series Low Tide



These wet rocks where the tide has been,

Barnacled white and weeded brown

And slimed beneath to a beautiful green,

These wet rocks where the tide went down

Will show again when the tide is high

Faint and perilous, far from shore,

No place to dream, but a place to die,—

The bottom of the sea once more.

There was a child that wandered through

A giant's empty house all day,—

House full of wonderful things and new,

But no fit place for a child to play.

By Edna St. Vincent Millay (1921)


Before a tsunami hits there is a period of calmness. The ocean recedes below the expected low tide, revealing a world that is usually inaccessible. Its newness is seductive and there is a moment of wonderment. The ocean floor calls to us like a predator luring in its prey.


Gremlin depicts on an imagined ocean floor where the tide has receded dramatically revealing characters and objects constructed from discarded Internet and consumer culture. Using 3D animation composited with video, Katie Torn combines imagery from her childhood with consumer waste. Old toys, gifs, and screen savers mix together with plastic debris and toxic fluids to create a pictorial landscape that express sentiments of impending doom.


At the centre of Torn’s fantastical landscape are overwhelmed female bodies, desperately trying to adapt to a world that is consumed by image and simulation while it physically decays.






















New York based artist, Katie Torn, integrates 3D computer graphics and video to model virtually simulated scenes out of the detritus of internet and consumer culture. Collecting discarded products and elements available online, Torn’s digital assemblages carry traces of past consumer eras and web browsing histories.