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Borrowed Amends, 2m x 1m, stockings, yarn


Tights are the closest layer to the body in performance, therefore they face the most repercussions. Lopez is mapping the unseen, both socially and internally, in relation to her continued practices in synchronised figure skating.


Each pair of tights has been borrowed from a different member of her team and would have been rendered useless otherwise. The punctures created in the tights provide evidence of an incident, extended wear, or a particular repeated movement. While Lopez’s mending has revived the tights, they can never be competition ready again. However, the repetitive nature of trial, error coincide with to fibre practices in which repetition builds up a unified body.














Samantha Lopez is a fibres artist currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. With a background in competitive figure skating, Lopez’s practice combines her exercise experience via traditional crafting methods. Lopez uses traditional processes such as embroidery, crochet, sewing, fabric dying, cyanotype photography which, like figure skating, are traditional feminine practices through historical and social association.