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Tors Davis is a Sydney-based artist who works across a variety of mediums such as animation, film and sculpture. Davis’s art provides an outlet to produce visuals which are wondrous and wacky and unconstrained by the need to be coherent in their development.

Davis aligns her work to that of a phantasmagoria, creating immersive realms that explore the oddities that ensue through the quotidian or fantastical.





Untitled (2016), Single channel video


I once had a friend who told me that they would sit in their bedroom biting their toenails off… I don’t think I looked at them the same way ever again. It wasn’t because they were wearing trainers all day, with thick socks, only to de-robe their sticky, stinky feet at night and munch on their filthy little toe nails. No, not at all. I thought this was the most hilarious vice ever. In fact,  I instantly wanted them to tell our friend, who for years has gone over to her mums house to have her little pinkies clipped, due to her overbearing fear of nails. No. No. No. It was because they told me as they wanted to share a piece of themselves with me that no one else knew. It was their little bit of shame or nonsense they hid from the world. It was an intimate layer, one step closer to the prize of them.