Curated by ellen.gif and Andriana Carney




21st Century Greatest Hits Screensaver Pack (2017), web installation, dimensions variable.


21st Century Greatest Hits Screensaver Pack is an archival exercise in contemporary history, which capitalises upon online research practice and personal memory. The series begins with the year 2000 and aims to highlight and snapshot the sociopolitical, technological and pop-cultural climate of a particular time. Each screensaver is a portrait of its time, as well as a depiction of the retrospective experience of the artist as a young queer woman in a conservative Western society.


Spanning the early 2000s, the birth of the technological revolution and Postinternet existence, the series coincides with the childhood, adolescence and early adulthood of the artist. As such, each work operates as part of a subjective timeline with screensavers advancing in stylistic and conceptual sophistication. While the works aim to capture noteworthy milestones of each year, they also address themes of burgeoning sexuality, the loss of innocence, war, and the integration of queer feminist narratives into the artist's life and work. Pantone Colours of the Year are used as base cultural signifiers throughout and works are named accordingly; 2000 Cerulean, 2001 Fuchsia Rose, 2002 True Red, 2003 Aqua Sky, 2004 Tigerlily etc.


21st Century Greatest Hits Screensaver Pack is an unreliable narrator in a post-truth digital landscape. It is visual language and cherry-picked detailing from the sea of Internet milked down through the biased lens of personal memory and compositional preference.














Xanthe Dobbie is a Melbourne-based new media artist and curator. Her practice aims to capture the experience of post-internet contemporaneity as reflected through feminism, art history, iconography and queer culture. Graduating from RMIT Fine Art (Honours) (2013), Dobbie has recently co-curated an international touring collection of queer digital artworks for a series of on- and offline exhibitions at major Australian Queer Festivals.